Total Synergy

Total Synergy is the collective utilization of all available resources working in unison to achieve the maximum efficiency in a balanced and self-sustaining system. The human body is an example of total synergy, operating a complex array of simultaneous functions, working together to achieve related objectives and running on a minimum of power, typically less than 100 watts for the average healthy adult.

Our objective is to achieve a sustainable and efficient system of energy, environment, education, agriculture and public health by utilizing available and renewable resources that will not disrupt the natural balance, or create problems that adversely impact the outcome of the planet.

Availability of resources varies with location requiring flexibility to adapt operating systems for maximum benefit from opportunities at hand. The earth is constantly receiving energy from space and from deep underground, absorbing and redistributing that energy throughout its living shell. This energy is available in many forms, i.e. solar radiation, wind pressure, ocean waves, tides and currents; differentials of temperature, salinity and electrostatic potential; bio-mass and its decay products; electrostatic, magnetic and gravitational fields, and the ever present potential of human by-products through resource conversion of otherwise discarded "waste" into useable products.

Application of Total Synergy would apply all of these resources, as available for a given location, to achieve the goals of Project Green Earth. This would restore a balanced ecosystem competent to indefinitely sustain the human presence and create a renewable supply of food, water, energy and atmosphere.

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