About The Earth Foundation

The Earth Foundation, Inc. (EFI) is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization. We are a group of diversified professionals in the fields of science, engineering, environment, computer sciences, finance, business administration, health care, education, and the arts.

We are dedicated to finding and facilitating sustainable alternatives in the areas of energy, environment, education, agriculture and public health.

Our team of scientists and engineers work with other industries and universities for the purpose of researching, combining, implementing and managing sustainable technology for optimum ecological balance. An engineering philosophy of "Don't re-invent the wheel" encourages researchers to find, modify, apply and manage existing technology.

EFI does not believe in quick fixes that will ultimately cause damage to the planet. Emergency programs and crash efforts forced by necessity will require much greater economic expense, and more government regulation.

Since 1984 the Earth Foundation, Inc. has been conveying the message that our quality of life, our environment and our survival are at risk from threats of our own creation, but alternatives do exist to avoid an untimely fate, requiring only that we choose the better path. Had we made these choices then, the long term threat of global warming could have been adverted by 1994, and the current pattern of disruptive weather and glacial melting restored to a 1960 level; the oil wars of Iraq and Afghanistan would have been unnecessary; the U.S. and global economies would be thriving as wealth flowed in, instead of out; and the world would not now be held hostage by totalitarian kingdoms bent on destruction of the free world.

In 1981 NASA and Lockheed Aircraft Corporation testified before Congress that petroleum was "obsolete" as a fuel source, its use posing a major health hazard, a drain on the economy and a national security risk. They recommended a transition of the U.S. economy from petroleum to hydrogen since the technology was readily available to produce, transport and utilize this clean, efficient, safe and economically viable fuel. Congress, however, accepted petroleum industry testimony that hydrogen as a fuel was not practical.

In 1983 the architect, author, designer, futurist, inventor, poet, visionary and second President of Mensa, R. Buckminster Fuller stated, "It is incontestably clear that it is now technologically feasible to harvest enough of our daily income of extraterrestrial energy generated at an inexorable, nature-sustained rate, to provide all humanity and all their generations to come with a higher standard of living and greater freedoms than ever have been experienced by any humans and to do so within ten years, while completely phasing out all further use or development of fossil fuels, atomic and fusion energies." Twenty-five years later his vision remains true, albeit, as yet, unrealized.

EFI is working toward realization of the dreams of these and other visionaries who long ago recognized the human potential.

Our Purpose

The Earth Foundation, Inc. is bringing together the necessary resources to showcase sustainable alternatives. Solutions do exist to alleviate the erroneous perception of energy, water and food shortages, waste disposal problems, air and water pollution and many social ills without sacrificing lifestyle or increasing costs to consumers.

EFI will facilitate a transfer of solutions to create a sustainable culture based on renewable resources in harmony with knowledge and wisdom. Properly applied, these solutions will greatly enhance lifestyle, improve the quality of life, reduce expenses and provide for greater economic growth through expansion of the gross domestic market, simultaneously increasing supply and demand as well as employment while creating new markets and new industries.

Our team and many other professionals within the scientific community have conducted extensive research of existing as well as new technology which offers practical, cost efficient methods for dealing with the challenges of global survival. Using these proven technologies will cost far less than continuing on our present course.

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