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Turning Plastic Back into Oil

Welcome to the Earth Foundation.

In 1984 the Earth Foundation, Inc. was created to provide solutions for reestablishing a balanced, self-sustaining planet. EFI feels the challenges of global survival grow more acute each day as scientists worldwide continue to warn us of the consequences of our narcissistic extravagance concerning our ecological and environmental negligence.

It has only been in the last few years that an ever growing number of people have begun to acknowledge the truth and these warnings, as we find that we can no longer pick up a newspaper, read a magazine, watch a television show or access the World Wide Web without hearing about an entire array of ecological catastrophes.

All of a sudden, people are beginning to get the feeling that the planet is in peril, and that a multitude of planetary disasters are inevitable.

Are there solutions?

Yes, the technology exists and has existed for decades to create a sustainable human presence in harmony with the planet. These alternatives are neither expensive nor complicated, and can be commercialized by corporations large and small, independent entrepreneurs as well as every person on the planet.

Replacement of finite (inflationary) with infinitely renewable resources will have a far-reaching anti-inflationary impact on local and global economies.

Failure to develop a sustainable infrastructure has led to the present consequences, recognized thirty years ago, of runaway inflation, global resource conflicts, climatic change and crumbling of our socio-politico-economic system.

It is not too late to act, but the longer we wait to address these problems, the greater the challenge. The required cost, commitment and effort to solve these problems are escalating rapidly and will continue to do so.

Failure to act is not an option. The cost of inaction is a world incapable of supporting our current population; a world of vastly redefined geographies of forgotten and relocated cities, and greatly reduced bio-diversity.

Every individual can play an important role in the future of this world through informed choices, well thought actions, and a serious commitment to the common good.

Our philosophy is that sustainable alternatives will create sustainable existence for a better tomorrow — Globally.

Please join our team and the growing number of individuals united on a new path of self-sufficient sustainable independence.

Go Green!

Today is

APRIL 22nd

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